Milan SS15 GIFS Versace Dazed
Fashion GIFs

Milan SS15 GIFs

From Matisse in Versace to Monet in Fendi, our pick of the best reference-laden collections from Milan

Milan Fashion Intern Problems Dazed Digital
Fashion GIFs

Milan by Fashion Intern Problems

From after-parties and afternoon drinking to having a Naomi moment when you find out flights to Paris are cancelled, we recount Milan through the magic of GIFs

Versace SS15 Mens collections, Dazed backstage
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Versace SS15

A Cuban-inspired toga party at Casa Versace – complete with net vests, tiny white speedos and lace-up leather

4 slipmatt---Kavos-1992
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What we wore: jungle

DJs, revellers and ‘rude boys inna Kingston’ boast their club allegiance with MA2 jackets and other Jungle fashion fixtures