Tri Angle Records

buddha dreambirth
Music HDIY

Mystic Music

Musing our religion: how groups of post-human musicians of the net are taking us to heaven

Robin Tri Angle
Music Q+A

Robin Carolan

Tri Angle’s shadowy founder on obsession and the art of holding back

Music First Look

WIFE - Trials

We premiere the beautifully abstract new video for Tri Angle Records' James Kelly, made up of his own footage of sea anemones

Music Rise


Nathaniel Oak on white ankle socks, beefy kicks and how 'Haus' turned into 'Howse'

Music Incoming

Evian Christ: Kings And Them

In the current issue of Dazed & Confused, we speak to the mysterious UK producer on Tri Angle Records about his Tyga rap acapellas and warped bass-heavy electronica

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