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Sex Toys
Science & TechWomen’s sex toys are innovative, but the tech world refuses to see it
Sex Education on Netflix
Film & TVThe Sex Education cast on good sex, bad myths, and awkward encounters
Contraceptive Pill and the Pope Rule
Science & TechHere’s the real story behind the ‘Pope rule’ and the contraceptive pill gap
Mean Girls, don’t have sex meme
Science & TechSuper-gonorrhoea has made it to the UK and it’s a little bit worrying
Gillian Anderson in Sex Education
Film & TVGillian Anderson talks shagging in new trailer for Sex Education
Science & TechDoctors are trialling a contraceptive gel for men to rub on their arms
The Peach Diaries
Life & CultureThere’s a new, year-long contraceptive for women you don’t know about
sex ed mean girls
Life & CultureSexually transmitted diseases hit record high in the US
Science & TechThere might be a chance for the male birth control pill after all
sex toys
Life & CultureWhat does it take to be a legit sex toy reviewer?
morning after pill copy
Life & CultureWhy is the morning after pill so expensive?
Damien Hirst
PoliticsI worked for Trump’s HIV Advisory Council: here’s why I quit
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.59.39
Arts+CultureHow female pain is treated differently at the doctors
Abortion access
Arts+CultureU.S politician: women get abortions for ‘free trips’
Arts+CultureWhat can we learn from Pornhub’s sexual wellness centre?
Planned Parenthood doc
Arts+CultureLena Dunham and Hari Nef narrate Planned Parenthood mini-doc
maragret sanger
Arts+CultureThe founder of Planned Parenthood is getting her own biopic
Pro Choice protest
Arts+CulturePeople donate to Planned Parenthood using Mike Pence’s name
SFW “Colby comes", Matt Lambert “Artists for Safe Sex”
PhotographyErect penises feature in new safe sex ads
Science & TechScientists may have finally discovered the cure for HIV
Eileen Kelly
Arts+CultureThe sex-ed blog aiming to redefine ‘the talk’ for teens
kids larry clark
Arts+Culture‘Sex roulette’ is the disturbing new trend for Spanish teens
Slava Mogutin
Arts+CultureWhy don’t we give this HIV pill to those most at risk?
Arts+CultureThere may finally be a way to stop the spread of HIV