Rochas AW15, Dazed backstage, Womenswear
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Rochas AW15

The past becomes the present as Alessandro Dell’Acqua celebrates the brand’s 90 year anniversary

Amber Valletta Jil Sander AW95
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SS15's cult model comebacks

Gemma Ward's surprise stroll over Prada's purple dunes sparked a wave of runway returns. We chart our favourite comebacks of the season – including Amber Valletta and Lara Stone

Rochas SS15
Fashion Show

Rochas SS15

The hyperfeminine reaches new heights: Alessandro Dell’Acqua contrasts virginal shyness with blooming sensuality – and tops it off with industrial belts with ‘R’ stamped clasps

Fashion Show

Rochas AW14

A measured woman adorned with safety pins and pastel PVC for Alessandro Dell'Acqua's debut

Fashion Show

Rochas SS14

Possessed little girls on a sugar high, in pastel tutus, lace and feather tipped slippers

Fashion Show

Rochas AW13

Craving a voluminous double duchesse silk chine couture coat? Zanini's your go-to

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