mental health

A Future World, climate grief and anxiety
Life & CultureClimate change and mental health: the people grieving for the planet
Dorothea Tanning, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1943
Art & PhotographySpending time with art really helps my mental health on its darker days
mental health
Music73 per cent of independent musicians experience mental illness, report says
Social Media
Science & TechSocial media only has a ‘tiny’ effect on how happy we are
13 Reasons Why
Science & TechBreaking down whether 13 Reasons Why is really linked to real suicides
Copy of Kai-Isaiah-Jamal-by-Gabby Drew
Dazed 100Kai-Isaiah Jamal
Hélène Selam Kleih
Dazed 100Hélène Selam Kleih
Black Mirror, virtual reality
Science & TechScientists are using virtual reality to treat social anxiety
MusicThe radical healing sound of Dave’s debut album Psychodrama
Lili Kobielski
Art & PhotographyPhotographs from inside the largest jail for mentally ill people in the US
Instagram mental health app
Science & TechInstagram is launching ‘sensitivity screens’ to hide self-harm content
Art & PhotographyThis book shows how men are using photography to address mental health
mental health instagram
Science & TechThe government might ban Instagram over self harm content
Life & CultureThe imposter syndrome generation
Life & CultureLGBTQ young people four times more likely to self harm than straight peers
PoliticsAI will be used to predict whether you will commit a crime
crazy ex girlfriend
Film & TVIn Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, women can grow, regress, and grow some more
Science & TechHow people are getting high on light
Lady Gaga
FashionLady Gaga reveals the powerful, personal reason she wore this suit
Yayoi Kusama
Art & PhotographyFive quotes on mental health from Yayoi Kusama
Life & CultureThis site is offering 1,000 hours of free therapy to 1,000 people
Yayoi Kusama, Kusama: Infinity
Art & PhotographyInside the lost years of Yayoi Kusama
Life & CultureYoung people are having to travel 200 miles for mental health treatment
FashionHow reality TV shaped the idea of fashion as a bitchy, hostile industry