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e is for ecstasy
Science & TechThe UK ecstasy guru from the 90s who influenced MDMA research forever
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MusicMichelle Williams says she was suicidal in Destiny’s Child
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FashionFashion Weak: a story of sex, drugs, and rock bottoms
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Science & TechCan LSD revolutionise mental health treatment?
Campbell Addy’s, Niijournal
Art & PhotographyArtists come together to break the stigma of mental health
Niijournal issue II
Arts+CultureNiijournal II takes on Kelsey Lu, Kelela and mental health
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Arts+CultureTalking to the team digging up Sylvia Plath’s lost poems
To The Bone
Life & CultureWhy To The Bone is dangerous for anorexia sufferers like me
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Flush art
Arts+CultureThe dangerous, lasting impact fatphobia has on women
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Arts+CultureHow being a sex worker affected my mental health
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Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.59.39
Arts+CultureHow female pain is treated differently at the doctors
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The pill Gnarls Monkey via Flickr
Arts+CultureConfirmed: the Pill can fuck up your mental health