Knife Crime Discussion v05 (1)
PoliticsActually speaking to young people whose lives are affected by knife crime
Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 14.44.44
Film & TVCaleb Femi’s striking new poem calls for empathy as London’s youth bleed
PoliticsAn MP wants upskirting to be a criminal offence
trans rights now
Life & CultureMore than a third of all trans people suffered hate crimes in 2017
Life & CultureWhat happens when the internet tries to solve a murder?
Life & CultureAt least 50 dead in Las Vegas shooting
LGBT flag
Life & CultureThe UK is experiencing a huge spike in LGBT hate crime
Arts+CultureThe unique doc about the mysterious murder of a beauty queen
Arts+CultureThe new Netflix crime series you’re going to be addicted to
Boogie, It’s All Good
PhotographyUnflinching photos of Brooklyn’s gangsters and addicts
SHOT, photographed by Kathy Shorr
PhotographyPhotographing the impact of guns on everyday life in America
Arts+CultureIt’s legal to film up a girl’s skirt in Georgia
Leland Bobbé: 1970s New York City
PhotographyThe pimps, peep shows and prostitutes of 1970s NYC
Arts+CultureSee the Japanese mafia strip outside a police station
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 09.59.55
Arts+CultureUS student given 15 years hard labour in a North Korean camp
Arts+CultureAffluenza is a bogus medical disorder for rich kids
Arts+CultureWhat Christmas Day is like in a high-security prison
Martin Shkreli
Arts+CultureNobody wants pharmaceutical boss Martin Shkreli’s evil money
Martin Shkreli
Arts+CulturePharmaceutical boss Martin Shkreli arrested for fraud
saggy pants
Arts+CultureTwo students spent 48 hours in jail for sagging pants
Arts+Culture#EveryLineCounts urges cocaine users to consider impact
cocaine use
Arts+CultureStreet cocaine is getting stronger and dealers smarter
pirate youtube
Arts+CultureMan needs 200,000 YouTube hits or he’ll get sued
Seth Ferranti
Arts+CultureThe two books I needed to survive 21 years in prison