Acne Studios AW15, Womenswear, Dazed backstage, Paris

Acne Studios AW15

Fashion Show

Getting inspired by photographer Viviane Sassen, with ornate nose rings and Stephen Jones millinery


Acne Studios launches underwear

Fashion Incoming

Watch an exclusive teaser for the Swedish brand's new line of smalls – to quote founder Jonny Johansson: “underwear should be skin-coloured, because I prefer no underwear.” Saucy.

Acne Studios SS15 Paris Nigel Pacquette

Acne SS15

Fashion Show

Kitting out the girl who's always on the go – with abstract porno prints and shirts unbuttoned to the navel adding a dash of the erotic

Acne Studios SS15 Mens collections, Dazed

Acne SS15

Fashion Show

Jonny Johansson creates a collection for friends, with 70s colour, boxy cuts and juxtaposed materials


Acne AW14

Fashion Show

Dynamic print, unconventional structure and underlying elements of sportswear innovation

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