Studio Africa


Studio Africa: Abdellah Taia

Abdellah Taïa is the first openly gay Moroccan writer and his celebrated books have been translated into several languages


Studio Africa: Uviwe Mangweni

Uviwe Mangweni is an endlessly curious photojournalist and copywriter from South Africa documenting hidden stories with sensitivity


Studio Africa: Sy Alassane

Sy Alassane is an actor and model from Senegal who played the lead in 2011’s Sundance Film Festival official selection Restless City


Studio Africa: Baloji

Baloji is a fiercely original and acclaimed rapper and producer born in DR Congo and raised in Belgium

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Studio Africa: I See A Different You

I See A Different You are a trio of photographers from Soweto, South Africa with an eye for style and ambition to show their continent in a whole new light

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