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Andy Warhol will star in a documentary shot by Andy Warhol

Footage that the late art pop provocateur filmed of himself will be used for a new doc

Anton Perich’s Max’s Kansas City

A rare look inside the wildest bar in 1970s New York

Anton Perich’s photographs of Max’s Kansas City remember a time when Debbie Harry was a waitress and William S. Burroughs, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Andy Warhol were regulars

Pixy Liao’s Lady & Gentleman

The only photos you need to see from last month


Rare photos of Andy Warhol outside of New York, one image that tells the story of UK rave culture, teen boys and boredom in Iceland, and toying with notions of sex and gender in China

Warhol in China Dazed

Photos of Andy Warhol’s holiday to China in 1982


Warhol visited China in 1982 – a holiday that would go on to have a profound impact on the pop art pioneer

Hassan Hajjaj

Meet Hassan Hajjaj, the ‘Andy Warhol of Marrakech’


The Moroccan-born, UK-based photographer and filmmaker tells us about a melting pot of influences that bridge both countries – from counterfeit designer goods to clubbing and the art world

AndyWarhol burger

Your ultimate guide to Andy Warhol

A 26-letter guide to the awkward and unlikely artist who wrote himself into the history books with his work in Pop Art, experimental film and the notorious social circle he cultivated

Warhol on fire escape of the Factory, 231 East 47th Street

Behind the walls of Andy Warhol’s secretive Factory

Stephen Shore was just 17 when he began lensing Andy Warhol’s inner circle – as a new book is released, the influential photographer reflects on his time there


A Nico biopic is in the works


‘Nico, 1988’ will portray the German singer, Velvet Underground collaborator and Andy Warhol muse’s final years

The Factory, New York, 1968. Andy Warhol filming '

Jared Leto will play Andy Warhol in a new biopic


The actor will also co-produce the film about the iconic pop artist

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.52.21

The brand behind Dev Hynes’ favourite bomber


Introducing THE FAN, the pop-infused label inspired by Andy Warhol and MTV – here, its founders tell us more

Newspaper vol. 1

Uncover a lost moment of NYC’s queer history

An art history student is reincarnating a forgotten publication that championed Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol and Peter Hujar before they were household names

David Bowie, photography Steve Schapiro

The stories behind rarely seen photos of Bowie in the 70s

Encountering Bowie, Andy Warhol, and Martin Scorsese in his creative career, as well as MLK’s assassination, Steve Schapiro takes us on a journey through his oeuvre

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