A study shows that people are beginning to panic about climate change

We’re all gonna die!

Despite most of the country’s political elite being rabid climate change deniers America seems to be waking up to the realities facing our planet. A recent poll conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication has noted a jump in concern about global warming.

Dr Anthony Leiserowitz, who directs the Yale climate communications program, told the New York Times: “People are beginning to understand that climate change is here in the United States, here in my state, in my community, affecting the people and places I care about, and now. This isn’t happening in 50 years”

Despite the fact that the news on climate change is always quite bleak, at least this shows that there are reasonable people acknowledging its existence and they outnumber the deniers by a ratio of five to one. Over half of Americans now knows that most of the world’s scientists believe that global warming is happening, which is the highest level since 2008. Leiserowitz continued: “I’ve never seen jumps in some of the key indicators like this.”

Most of the facts also highlight the argument that, despite what many politicians and companies say about people not caring about global warming, 70 per cent of American citizens are interested and 48 per cent think that people in the country are already being harmed by it.  

Recently over 10,000 young students in Belgium skipped school to protest climate change. In London, Olafur Eliasson placed melting ice blocks outside the Tate so we could see a small portion of the 10, 000 that fall into the sea every second.

With rising awareness and anger towards the imminent disaster that is climate change, all that is left is for us to change our own shopping habits, eating habits, and basically every bad habit we’ve developed that may eventually sink the world.