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A clinic is offering ‘young blood’ transfusions like real life vampires

Fill your veins with youth for $8,000

A new clinic in New York City plans to inject its patients with the blood of youthful donors, creating a new breed of sexy, ageless, modern vampires. Kind of. 

Ambrosia Medical, a recently emerged start-up, has been testing a new procedure that would see patients injected with plasma from donors aged between 16 and 25. According to Rolling Stone, they completed the first clinical trial in the U.S to test the possible health benefits earlier in the year. They tested 81 patients on the issues of sleep quality, athletic performance, and energy levels – though they haven’t released the results of the trial publicly yet, the founder Jesse Karmazin told Business Insider the results have been “really positive”.

The FDA has also approved the procedure, as it’s essentially a simple, common blood transfusion. Conversation surrounding cosmetic procedures has been concerned with the lack of specific regulations and health and safety policy – in the last few weeks, we reported on the issues surrounding so-called ‘vampire facials’, and how one clinic in the U.S was being investigated for a supposed outbreak of HIV.

In the first study on mice back in 2014, which examined whether youthful qualities could be transferred to older subjects, scientists joined two mice together so that their blood mixed – the older mouse in experiments showed signs of improved muscle tone, liver function, and tissue regeneration. Another study found transfusions of plasma worked in a much more simple procedure. Ambrosia Medical was founded in 2016 to work on transfusions beneficial for human patients. 

However, some experts in the industry are uncertain – Neuroscientist Tony Wyss-Coray of Stanford University, who led the plasma study with mice, told Science mag: “There’s just no clinical evidence (that the treatment is beneficial), and you’re basically abusing people’s trust and the public excitement around this.” Wyss-Coray added that the study wasn’t compliant with industry standards as patients received plasma in one round and a placebo in the next. “It needs to hold up in double-blinded placebo-controlled studies where neither the doctor nor the patient know if they are being treated with the drug or not,” he told Rolling Stone.

So for the stellar price of $8,000, you can access what may just be the key to immortality. Thus far, they’ve reportedly had around 150 patients – 81 of those from the first clinical trial – in the age range of 35 to 92. The blood used has been from donors aged from 16 to 25, according to the Daily Dot

Little information is available on the Ambrosia Medical website, except the list of addresses to email for more info, and somewhere to add yourself to the waiting list. Without any peer-reviewed study results yet though, it may be better to hold off before diving into the fountain of youth.