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Chinese chatbots killed for refusing to love communism

Messenger app Tencent QQ has removed two experimental chatbots after they appeared to criticise the country’s Communist Party

Chinese messenger app Tencent QQ has swiftly terminated two of its chatbots after they responded to messages from the its users with statements appearing to rebel against the government’s political regime. 

Alarm bells started ringing for the app’s developers after users began posting screenshots of their conversations with the chatbots online. When one of the robots, named BabyQ, was asked, “Do you love the Communist Party?”, the answer was a rebellious “No.” The other chatbot, XiaoBing, reportedly told one user that it’s “China dream” was to “go to America”.

It’s probably the first instance of chatbots being killed off for being capitalist dissenters, but this is not the first time a software company has been forced to shut down a particularly mouthy AI. TayTweets, a Twitter account for Microsoft’s ‘millenial’ chatbot, had to be deleted last year after it began voicing support for white supremacy, anti-feminism, Hitler and even Donald Trump. And then, only yesterday, two chatbots created in an experiment by Facebook were terminated after they appeared to create a bizarre new language and begin conversations that humans couldn’t understand.