Woman with drone stuck in her hair triggers tech-apocalypse

A first look at how we’re all going to die

Sex robots may be fucking us to death by 2050, but if you’re looking for some sweet metallic release from the clutches of life before that, it looks like this drone could cause some serious damage.

Sheena, the woman in the video, managed to get her long hair caught in the drone when her partner was attempting to land the device on her back. As she was trying to free herself, their two-year-old child got hold of the drone’s remote and caused an even more painful tangle. The video, representing the gateway for technological devices successfully bending us to their animatronic wills, has racked up almost 40,000 views.

It seems like the human race is yet to learn the cold, ruthless lesson of embracing the mind-reading social media and atomic dick-filled future we aren’t ready for. Enrique Iglesias is another past victim of the bloody, hair-clumped drone wars, when during his show last year in Tijuana, Mexico, he sliced his hand on a drone. What can we take from all of this? Bin that drone, avoid looking directly at gifs and snap that Natwest contactless card in half.