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Takeshi Suga

March 12, 2012

The emerging photographer is chasing dreams from Glasgow to Tokyo and unveils his current Lomography show

  • Text by Alexandra Plesner

The young Japanese-born, Glasgow-based photographer Takeshi Suga is back in Japan for his second solo exhibition at the Lomography Store. Music and cinema are his main sources of inspiration and so it seams natural that his first steps into photography were in the music scene of Glasgow. The best advice he got so far comes right out of the famous book "The Little Prince" and his latest dream sees a fountain with a rainbow-like light streaming through it. 

Satellite Voices: You came from Japan to Glasgow, how did that come along and how did it feel for you to do so in the end?
Takeshi Suga: I’ve been following the UK indie music scene for 15 years. London was an obvious choice. But I thought going for that obvious choice wasn’t indie, so I chose Glasgow instead. I’m a big Belle and Sebastian fan and this helped determine my choice too. To be honest, I wasn’t that happy being in Glasgow for the first couple of months, I knew no one. I used to go to gigs alone, not being able to share the experiences with anyone there. This gradually changed for the better as I got myself into the local music scene as a photographer.

SV: Are there other upcoming artists whose work you follow right now?
Takeshi Suga: I met two Spanish photographers, Elena Ayllon and Andreea Preda, at an artist showcase I attended in Barcelona last year. Their works are constantly featured on blogs, websites and zines. Every time I see their Facebook updates, I feel the urge to go out and take more photos!

SV: When did you start with photography?
Takeshi Suga: Photography seemed like the best way to remain good friends with nostalgia. It happened in the summer of 2005. Photography has become my voice. Through the viewfinder, I can speak in a language I feel most comfortable with.

Satellite Voices: What is the best advice you got so far?
Takeshi Suga: "It is only with one's heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." (The Little Prince).

SV: Where do you get inspiration from?
Takeshi Suga: Music and cinema. I listen to music when I’m taking photos to enhance my emotional perception.

SV: Where is your favourite place in Tokyo and why?
Takeshi Suga: Ebisu. I never fail to visit Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. They’re always holding great exhibitions.

SV: What is the best of both cities, Glasgow and Tokyo?
Takeshi Suga: Glasgow has one of the most vibrant live music scenes in the world. Tokyo is one of the world’s leading cities for photography.

SV: Can you tell us a bit about your first solo exhibition?
Takeshi Suga: It was held last year at Mono in Glasgow. It’s a nice cozy place and is really popular with local artists. Although I had been showing my work online for some time, I wasn’t so sure about exhibiting them in public. But as my photographs were used for the artwork for a Glasgow-based band called "Remember Remember" who are signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action, I thought there couldn’t be a better opportunity. I approached the manager of Mono with an idea of exhibiting the album artwork to coincide with the album release. He liked my proposal and this is how my first exhibition came about.

SV: How did it come that you worked with Lomography?
Takeshi Suga: Two photos out of four used in the "Remember Remember" artwork were shot with a Diana Mini. I thought this might be of some interest for Lomographers. So, I approached Lomography Japan since both photos were taken in Japan. They liked my work and decided to run an article about it as well as a feature of my other Diana Mini photos on their website.

SV: Would you say you are a dreamer, what are your most colourful dreams at the moment?
Takeshi Suga: I think I am. I sometimes see myself rather as a gambler than a dreamer though. I feel like I’ve been gambling with my life in order to keep my dream intact. The latest dream I see is a fountain with a rainbow-like light streaming through it.

Takeshi Suga runs to March 16 at Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo @

2F exhibition space
6-23-6 Jingumae
1500001 Shibuya-ku

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