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Michito Goto

February 24, 2012

The young, aspiring photographer celebrates his first solo exhibition

  • Text by Ayumi Seki

On March 4, Michito Goto celebrates his first photo exhibition "Good Days" at the Taiyo Studio in Gakugei Daigaku. After four years of experience as an assistant, Goto is ready to launch his own show. When he decided to dive into photography, he had no knowledge or skills as a photographer; what he had was just a confidence that came from nowhere.

Satellite Voices: Why did you want to be a photographer?
Michito Goto: I sent my resume to an apparel company when I was at university, but reallised that I wasn’t interested in becoming a normal businessman. I didn’t want to spend my life as it was planned. I wanted to be someone who is able to create something, not a guy who only accepts the world as it is. I’ve never touched a camera or had any kind of knowledge about photography, but I had an almost blind confidence in my ability as a photographer. So I went to college to learn the skills.

SV: How did you become an assistant to the masters you are working for now? 
Michito Goto: I thought if you want to be a photographer, there are two choices: either you become an assistant to someone, or get into a studio. I barely got into one studio after many attempts and started working there after droping out college. There I met this female photographer who I’m working for now. Many photographers tell assistants to take it easy and not trying to be perfect, but she was a perfectionist, so earnest about the art of photography. The way she takes photographs was really cool, and I got to like her and her work immediatelly. I got a job as an assistant and am gratefull what she and her husband (also a photographer) taught me. They helped me to create a core. They taught me what we take is not just an image, but time.

SV: What kind of images were you taking when you started?
Michito Goto: Like many young photographers, I wanted to be famous by taking photos of famous people. So I was taking pictures of musicians, mainly rock bands. I just burst into a greenroom of bands and begged them to take photos. For some mysterious reason, I had an enormous confidence in me. I asked event organisers to let me take photos of bands, concerts and party snapshots. Eventually my work became popular among rock events and they let me take pictures of bands.

SV: There are a lot of portraits in your new exhibition...
Michito Goto: I wanted to be a fashion photographer when I started taking pictures, since I like fashion very much. After working for a while with masters, the desire to take portraits grew. Portraits are easy to understand. If the portrait was a good portrait, you can tell it’s a good portrait without any explanation or knowledge. You can feel something when you see a good portrait. It is about taking strong images. There are about 50 pieces showcased at "Good Days". The venue is not a regular gallerly but a studio, so I have to work on how to show my works in an effective way. I make frames by myself too.

SV: How do you know its a strong picture?
Michito Goto: This is a mere echo of my master’s words, but strong pictures reflect the photographer in the object. I want to take pictures that show me in the object. I think that’s the real art.

SV: Why do you like photos?
Michito Goto: There is a moment when you feel the connection between the object and yourself during the shooting. I’m usually a shy person, so I use pictures as a way of communication.

SV: So you will be an independent photographer from now on. What kind of photographer would you like to be?
Michito Goto: Since I have no self confidence in general, at least I want to be a person who can take pictures. That’s my existing value, I believe. I like taking pictures of people. Most of all, I want to take pictures of musicians. It is not easy to make my own living as a photographer. But I’m grateful that I could find what I would like to do for life. I’m lucky because there are some people who like my work. I just got started...

Michito Goto opens on March 4 at Taiyo Studio @

Taiyo Build. 1F
2-7-4, Meguro Honmachi

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