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Ryosuke Kikuchi

January 30, 2012

Visual voyager who colours the world vivid

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Naoki Kotaka

The Tokyo-based photographer Ryosuke SV Kikuchi has been documenting from the forefront of underground music culture for some years now. His shrewd use of light and color has encapsulated scenes from numerous festivals and parties, such as the legendary Raw Life and All Tomorrow's Party and transmitted the mood at its most extreme.

His editorial and personal work have been widely published in Studio Voice, Tokion Japan and most recently ele-king. He as well had numerous solo and group shows in Japan: "Hitotsubo", "THE EXPOSED" at Caso/Punctum, "Secret Phantom"at Magic Room, "Untitled/Image"at Cultivate and "Sun-shi"at Vacant. 

His latest publication "songs" is now on sale from heuristic, as a part of Planetary Photobooks series. His work is featured in a group show opens at Rocket in Harajyuku on February 17. 

Satellite Voices: Where do your roots in photography stem from?
Ryosuke Kikuchi: I used to DJ in my teenage years and this experience strangely explains my attitude towards photography, which is to reference and relate. A DJ's work is experimental creating, a chain of musical uniqueness, and this applies to my photography experience. One image leads to another, creating a sequence of visual journeys. 

SV: Your photographs, whether portrait or landscape, seem to have a very particular distance from the photographic subjects. How do you define this?
Ryosuke Kikuchi: When I am attracted to beautiful flowers or a girl, at first sight, it is curiosity.  As I photograph and print, abstract things like instinct, or love, become clearly defined in a photographic image as some form of communication between myself and the subjects. I'm always hovering on a parallel truth between my preconception of and respect for the subject. 

SV: How do you imagine and realise your colour?
Ryosuke Kikuchi: It's a result of being responsive to inner feelings and moods of location. Wether I'm in Machu Pichu or a mountain in Kamakura, I see different lights and colours. In a way, the experience of travel really does train my eyes to see something new.

SV: Where do you think you are going?
Ryosuke Kikuchi: Having compiled seven years of past works into "songs," it is kind of a new beginning for me now. I would love to start a new photographic approach, maybe to coincide with my self-publishing project. In the past I have fallen into slumps where no photographs at a time felt worthwhile. I went to South America and there my skills, ideas and visions were completely restored by wrestling with the unknown. So I guess that by driftifing with my bare sensitivity, my photographs will always bring me new discoveries.

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