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Daddy Kev: Low End Theory Japan

March 13, 2012

We speak to Low End Theory and Alpha Pup top dog ahead of the tour that sees Nosaj Thing, Samiyam, Nobody, D-Styles and Nocando journey across Japan

  • Text by Terence Teh

Following the 2012 Japan tour by the Los Angeles sonic innovators and leading lights of the future electronic hip hop global community, Low End Theory - the stalwart night's residents Nobody, D-Styles, Nocando and Daddy Kev will be joined by Nosaj Thing and Samiyam for what I'm sure will be an unforgettable trip.

To celebrate the tour they've released an essential "Low End Theory Japan" compilation CD too, available at all shows and curated by Hashim Bharoocha, featurring Nosaj Thing to Jonwayne, Free The Robots To D-Styles, Gaslamp Killer to Samiyam. 

Check out the video created from the 2010 tour and our interview with Low End maestro and Alpha Pup don, Daddy Kev.

Satellite Voices: When was the first time you visited Japan and what were your first impressions?
Daddy Kev: My first time out there was September 2008 for the very first Low End Theory Japan tour. I vividly remember the van ride from Narita airport to central Tokyo, and how massive the city was. Coming from Los Angeles I'm used to things being so spread out, but the utter size of Tokyo was breathtaking. There is a culture of respect in Japan unlike any other place I've traveled to.

SV: Who's joining you on this tour?
Daddy Kev: Nosaj Thing and Samiyam along with residents Nobody, D-Styles and Nocando.

SV: What inspires you about the Japanese music and art culture?
Daddy Kev: I grew up heavily influenced by Japanese culture. My favorite TV series of all time is Robotech. Started eating sushi at age 5. From ages 7 to 11 I was obsessed about becoming a ninja. As a tech nerd I've always been fascinated with Japanese industrial design, and once I got into music gear as a teenager it was almost always Japanese companies making my favorite electronic instruments like the Akai MPC, Roland TR-808, Yamaha synthesizers and countless others. Don't get me started on video games.

SV: How would you describe the Japanese music scene in 2012?
Daddy Kev: The Japanese beat scene is definitely going strong right now. I've been doing some mastering lately for Japanese hip-hop artists like DJ Kensei and Indopepsychics, and have been very impressed with their musical ideas. I haven't been to Japan since November 2010 and I'm curious to see things with my own eyes next week.

SV: How does the experience change as you travel across the country?
Daddy Kev: It's a very diverse place. From the snowy vistas of Sapporo to the gorgeous temples of Kyoto, there's a lot more to Japan than the technological overload that is Tokyo. The vibe of the people from each town seem to reflect their environments as well.

SV: Is there anything that continues to surprise you in Japan?
Daddy Kev: The large awareness for Low End Theory and the beat scene has surprised me every time. On the last tour in 2010 we had our last show in Takasaki, a suburb one hour outside of Tokyo. I thought it was going to be a relatively sleepy gig, but upon arrival it was clear that the locals comprised some of our most die-hard fans in the country.

SV: We have to talk about the food, what is your favourite go to meal in Japan?
Daddy Kev: During normal business hours, sushi is my definite go-to. And when we are in Osaka, okonomiyaki is my jam! I just can't get enough. But often I find myself the most hungry at 4am post-club and the only place open is 7-11. It's at those moments when the egg salad sandwich is my "go to" meal in Japan.

Low End Theory Japan Schedule
March 16 Sapporo 札幌 @ BONDZ

March 17 Himeji 姫路 @ Fab-space
March 18 Osaka 大阪 @ Universe
March 19 Tokyo 東京 @ UNIT

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