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November 7, 2011

The cult Japanese film director Gu Su-Yeon reveals his latest opus at the Tokyo International Film Festival

  • Text by Ayumi Seki

Hardromanticcer” is the third feature film by Gu Su-Yeon, the Japanese-born Korean award-winning filmmaker, music video director, record producer and songwriter. Appearing at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival, the film's electric plot surrounds young hot-blooded guys trapped in an endless cycle of violence. Their life is full of violence but at the same time, truly romantic.

The young lead character is Gu (played by Shota Matsuda) his connections with both the police (Atsuro Watabe) and gangsters in Shimonoseki portray a refusal to join any particular social group. His sharp style, slicked back blond hair and piercing look are hard to forget. His life starts spinning out of control when his junior, Tatsu (Kento Nagayama) commits a murderer. Is there an exit from this endless violence? Is there a future for the loner Gu, when his only communication tool is violence? Satellite Voices was at this year's film festival and spoke to the director and lead cast members about this exhilarating new movie.

Satellite Voices: Can you please introduce the film?
Shota Matsuda
: It’s a stimulating film. When I started acting, I was surprised how I was used to violent or shocking movies through the internet and TV. I wanted give that same feeling like you were suddenly involved in a traffic accident or bumped into a shark in the ocean throughout this film. I want the audience to feel the violence while watching.

Kento Nagayama: You don’t come across this kind of film very often. I am very pleased to be a part of the team.

Atsuro Watabe: Their everyday life is surrounded by violence. But the actors here played their roles delicately.

Gu Su-Yeon
: I think this is a unique in Japanese film. Opening at the Tokyo International Film Festival, we want to take it on tour through the international film festivals.

SV: Can you tell us more about your characters and being involved in such a project?
Shota Matsuda: Gu is a Japanese Korean living in Shimonoseki. But his background or his origin don’t represent any message in this story.

Kento Nagayama:
 I literally had a cramped feeling that I was familiar with when I was a teenager when I read the script. Personally, I don’t play this kind of story very often, so I wanted to try something new.

Atsuro Watabe: I play a cop who relentlessly chases Gu. He was the only sane character among them, that’s why I accepted the offer! Moreover, I wanted to work with young actors, especially with Shota. I see him on the streets since we live nearby, but we never had chance to work together before.

SV: How can we be a Hardromanticcer?
Atsuro Watabe:
 I am still not sure what Hardromanticcer means. But I believe when you see the film, you can just feel it.

Gu Su-Yeon: A Harromanticcer is someone whose biggest purpose in life is to not get along with other people. Someone who believes that there are much more important things in life than merging with society. But I don’t recommend you to be one. It’s pretty tough.

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