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Eriko Nakao + Takashi Yoshida + Rie Shiraishi

December 20, 2011

Introducing the mysterious new fashion muse from Tokyo

  • Text by Emi Kameoka

Eriko Nakao is the Japanese muse and fashion maven taking over the internet with her collaborative blog ERIKO NAKAO + TAKASHI YOSHIDA + RIE SHIRAISHI alongside her photographer friend Takashi Yoshida and hair-stylist Rie Shiraishi. With an inspiring fashion style, from her hair to clothes and tattoos, she's still a mystery. We spoke with her to find out more, coupled with an exclusive series of shots from Eriko for Satellite Voices.

Satellite Voices: Can you introduce your blog?
Eriko Nakao: It all started off from out of the whim. Takashi and I were just talking and thought would be interesting to shoot “100 Nakao” So we started to shoot on blank white background regularly. When we reach 100, it started to take form. Then when we showed some pictures to our friends’ store Sister and they asked us to do visuals for them.

SV: What is the concept of your blog?
Eriko Nakao: There is no concept and I don’t think there will ever be a concept. But it is important for me to spend an awesome time with everyone. Before the shoot, I always think what can we eat today? Nice food and good alcohol are necessities for our shoots. I think the basis of this blog is to have a fun shoot with my closest friends. It is like my memory album. It is always easier if we can do whatever we want to do.

SV: Why did you team up with Takashi Yoshida and Rie Shiraishi?
Eriko Nakao: Takashi is a husband of my best friend and we have known each other for a long time. Then we asked Rie to do hair as I believe in her style and of course we are good friends. I really can trust them and feel comfortable being around them.

SV: Where does your inspiration come from?
Eriko Nakao: It comes out from my inner side. Well, I think everyone else does too. I really value the zone of unconscious.

SV: Please describe your style.
Eriko Nakao: I have a "fashion" tattoo on my middle finger and "style" on the side of my head.

SV: What is your favourite fashion label?
Eriko Nakao: Chrome Hearts! They are my other precious family.

SV: We heard you love music. What's your top five?
Eriko Nakao: I can't really narrow it down to just five but this is what I've been listening too recently:
"The Replacement" by Alex Chilton, "World Turning" by Fleetwood Mac, "Helpless" by Neil Young & The Band (I especially like this collaboration), "Walking in Memphis" by Cher and "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" by Phill Collins.

SV: Could you tell us about one of your favourite shoots?
Eriko Nakao: Everything is unforgettable but my most memorable experience is the shoot with Tomohiro Muramatsu. He drew on my naked body. One by one. And the time consuming shoots, like my American flag hair one. Rie had to wash my hair billion times.

SV: What's next?
Eriko Nakao: I never thought that my blog would get this much of attention as it just started off as fun. But I am so glad that we are getting international viewers as well. As I told you before, we are so open minded and do whatever we want. So I would love to keep on doing this in my own pace. I want to do a shoot with Tomo again! There are so many other people I would love to shoot and would love to spend lovely time with them. Thank you all!

Photography by Takashi Yoshida
Stylist and model Eriko Nakao
Hair by Rie Shiraishi

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