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Pun Sarasas & Charlotte Yamada

December 9, 2011

It started at Saint Martins college, an art and fashion culture clash

  • Text by Alexandra Plesner

Pun Sarasas and Charlotte Yamada met during their fashion studies at the iconic arts and design institution in London. One comes from Tokyo, the other one loves it, they are flat mates and have traveled Tokyo together. They go deep - it's all about obsessive loop watching of videos and acid binge trance advertisements. with this fashion design and art duo.

Satellite Voices: What is your fashion theory?
Pun Sarasas & Charlotte Yamada: It's just fashion. Don't take it too serious. It should be fun!

Satellite Voices: What are you currently working on?
Pun Sarasas: Just working on my finals for the BA Menswear Design.

Charlotte Yamada:
Yeah, I can tell he is working, our flat is a mess! I'm establishing my own brand called CHEEK. It's for the confident, chic chicks. I want to design a lifestyle for those ladies who are playful, comically extravagant, and effortlessly cool. 

Satellite Voices: Where did you get inspiration from?
Pun Sarasas: I tend to be inspired from unfinished things. I am attracted to the process and technique(s) of a piece of work rather than its result. I like seeing the vulnerability of things.

Charlotte Yamada:
Everywhere. Childhood memories, things I like now, things I used to love. More specifically, hip hop and RnB music, Chanel, Moschino, and Versace, especially from the 90s.

Satellite Voices: Why the trip to Tokyo?
Pun Sarasas: It is the only place in the world that I cannot ever get tired of. And the SUPERMARKETS AND MINIMARTS!
Charlotte Yamada: Just like Donatella says, "It's my home. My rules. My pleasure."

Satellite Voices: Where is your favourite place in Tokyo?
Pun Sarasas: My favourite place is probably the food court in Isetan Shinjuku - its quite literally magical there. And Yoyogi Park and its flea market.

Charlotte Yamada: Yes, it is like a little cult park there I love seeing the teens expressing themselves so wildly in a park, so beautifully surrene. And Harajuku of course!

Satellite Voices: How does Tokyo feel like for you?
Pun Sarasas: I always have a little 'Scarlett' feeling when I'm walking on the streets. Tokyo is a very vibrant city where everything is super saturated. 

Charlotte Yamada:
I think it can be like "Lost in Translation" but there's so much humour and warmth in Tokyo even though it's a major city.

Satellite Voices: Tokyo seams to be a wild clash of contrasts, what do you think about its unique visual communication?
Pun Sarasas: The advertisements are on a sort of acid binge trance. There is so much information blasting at you. It's interesting how their advertising is quite aggressive whilst the Japanese are actually very calm and collected.

Charlotte Yamada:
Yes, I definitely agree. It is a culture of contrasts and clashes. I love that about Tokyo because anyone, no matter what their interests are, can find a home within this city.

Satellite Voices: Absolute Tokyo LOVES? 
Pun Sarasas & Charlotte Yamada: TOKYO DISNEY SEA! And the local band Judy and Mary.

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