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Neon O'Clock Works Theatre

February 15, 2012

Exploring the experimental collaboration between Tomihiro Kono and Sayaka Maruyama

  • Text by Sophie Jackson

Filmmaker and photographer Sayaka Maruyama and hair and head prop artist Tomihiro Kono have been working together since 2004 and although they both have become established in their individual careers, their collaboration continues. Neon O'Clock Works is the name of their creative unit. The experimental duo's work is tinged with romance and beauty with Sayaka and Tomihiro describing their work as, "a timeless pursuit of the beauty they find in nature". Satellite Voices talked to Sayaka and Tomihiro about their work and their recent exhibition at Garter in Koenji.

Satellite Voices: What unites the work that you both do?
Sayaka & Tomihiro: Inspiration and a creative mind. We are both pushed to make our ideas visible so that we can share them with people. 

SV: How did the two of you begin your collaboration?
S & T: Tomi was a hair dresser, working in a hair salon back then. He was looking for someone to paint the wall of the salon and I painted it. Since then we began working together. Our first collaborative work that went public was "Tipsy Deep Sea" in 2005. It was when we had our first exhibition, where we showcased a short film, some photography and a book.

SV: What is next for you both in 2012?
S & T: It depends on where we will be really, but nothing will actually change. We will keep creating and collaborating with people. I (Sayaka) personally want to make more experimental short films with dancers and performers. Also some beauty portraits, done in an extremely experimental way, would be interesting. Not only about make-up but also around a sense of radical beauty. Images that you'll never forget once you have seen them, that will be quite hard to achieve but I'm sure it is going to be amazing if we can do it.

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