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Ka Xiaoxi

January 2, 2012

Introducing our new guest editor from Shanghai, the acclaimed photographer and artist behind goooodie.com

  • Text by Terence Teh

His latest photography book “A Fragment of China’s Youth” is exactly that. A perfect glimpse into the mind’s eye of China’s new blood. 27-year-old Ka Xiaoxi is the man behind the book, who also co-founded the Goooodie site with YJ Evan to: “present a new independent proclivity after refining all the things about fashion, design, photography, music, publication and culture.” We welcome him onboard and look forward to his insightful tales and snaps into Modern Shanghai youth cultures.

Satellite Voices: Can you introduce your background and what brought you to Shanghai?
Ka Xiaoxi: I got my first job in shanghai as a lifestyle editor in a male magazine. After three years, I began into visual arts. Then I focused on photography. I am a photographer now and founded Goooodie.com, publishing, curating and doing creative projects.
SV: How how would you describe your creative outlook?
Ka Xiaoxi: I say it’s snapshot after my long time observations. I love rock ‘n’ roll and young, crazy people. I stay among them and showcase them.
SV: Can you highlight some of your favourite recent projects?
Ka Xiaoxi: I have two books published. One is “Light Room” curated by Goooodie, showcasing works by 17 young Chinese photographers. The other is my first own photo book named "A Fragment of China's Youth", designed by Didier Quarroz from Switzerland and released by his sndmr.com.
And last month, I took lots of photos for Adidas Originals 2012, making cool images of many fresh talents such as Subs, the fixed gear guys, Li Jianhong...
SV: Where do you live in Shanghai and what inspires you about that area of town?
Ka Xiaoxi: I live in Changle Road. My studio and friends, even my clients are all around this road. It is the most amazing section of the down, so many cool stores and people are gathering there.
SV: What are some of your favourite hidden city spots?
Ka Xiaoxi: I must say Studio Timeless and Sdodo camera café.
SV: What does your city mean to you?
Ka Xiaoxi: Shanghai is a fast city, you get lots of things to do, lots of friends to meet and lots of drink to drink up! Then you go home, do your creative work!
SV: Where's the best food spots?

Ka Xiaoxi: There’s too many! Hotpot, noodles, Japanese cuisine and Hong Kong café. Just walk along Changle Road!
SV: Can you talk about the best creative youth cultures in your town? What artists in Shanghai are doing it big for you right now?
Ka Xiaoxi: Good artists are always doing good works, no matter where they are. Nini sum from Idle beats and Xiao Longhua. They are two illustrators that I most admire in Shanghai, they've got really cool works and ideas. Also the band Duck Fight Goose and the menswear store Studio Timeless, they all have good taste in their ways.

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