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Zhu Quan

December 19, 2011

Punk rock poetry from the brilliant Chinese photographer

  • Text by Terence Teh

Zhu Quan is a friend of mine. We've been friends for a long while, I would always see him at a ton of different parties, his camera flash going off all the time. He captures life around him in a poetic manner, now focusing on his wife...

Satellite Voices: When did you start taking photos and why did you want to become a professional photographer?

Zhu Quan: Ever since 2000, largely because I don't need to stay at the office all the time being a photographer.

SV: How would you describe your style of work?
Zhu Quan: Random shot.

SV: What is the most shot subject in your work?
Zhu Quan: My wife.

SV: Is photography is documenting or creating for you?
Zhu Quan: Both.

SV: How is Shanghai represented in your photography?
Zhu Quan: It's my life.

SV: You used to bring your camera to parties all the time, taking photo of all your friends. Are you still documenting the youth culture here?
Zhu Quan: Yes, I used to do that a lot. But recently not that much.

SV: Do you have a website?
Zhu Quan: Not yet, but I want to have one.

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