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AM444's Shanghai Sound

March 22, 2011

ChaCha and Jay.Soul get together with Kode9

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest feature by Jake Newby

Guizhou-born singer and producer ChaCha has worked with artists such as South Rakkas Crew and The Bug and is set to feature heavily on the forthcoming Kode9 album after the legendary dubstep producer met her in Shanghai last year. Her latest collaboration is with Shanghai-based Dutch DJ Jay.Soul as AM444. Their album "Eye Wonder" is out in April.

Satellite Voices: How did AM444 come about?
ChaCha: We met the first time Jay.Soul played at The Shelter in early 2008 and after we connected on MySpace. We liked each other's music so we planned to work together.
Jay.Soul: We were both busy with a lot of other projects so it just took a while to actually happen. Last year ChaCha freestyled along with a DJ set of only my own productions. The vibe was so good, we realised we should finally get the ball rolling.
ChaCha: Jay's music has a lot of emotions, he is a great composer. Sometimes I listen to his music and close my eyes, the pictures are like movies in my mind. When I start to work on his beat, I can be completely free, just be myself, this feeling makes me want to do more work with him.
Jay.Soul: ChaCha just has a great voice, her own style and writes all her own lyrics and melodies. She's very creative and versatile. Every time I love the ideas she records to my demos. She's definitely one of Shanghai's most talented artists.

SV: How do you describe your sound?
Jay.Soul: An eclectic mix of funky hip hop influenced beats, dubby electronica and leftfield soul, sung in Chinese. But we're working on a shorter answer.
ChaCha: This album will be good for people who go to bed late. When the whole world gets quiet at night, you start to feel your own heartbeat. I wrote all the lyrics and melodies during those moments. Every song is like a little story, a story about me, about being a human but living in a digital world, about the difference between imagination and reality, about the struggling inside of me and you. In the night, our music is the healing herb.

SV: What are your aims for the record?
ChaCha: To have as many people as possible worldwide hearing it. Hopefully we can also tour China and abroad. We definitely want to record a lot more songs together too.

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