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February 8, 2012

Introducing the designer behind the sustainable minimalism brand

  • Text by Karchun Leung

Ricostruzione in Italian, has a meaning of reconstruction, which is also the concept behind RICOSTRU founded by Manchit Au. The name reflects the faith of its team in developing the brand and determination to becoming timeless. "It also represents the uniqueness of ideas in each and every individual as well as the power of construction," says Manchit Au.

Satellite Voices: Why and when you decided to be a fashion designer?
Manchit Au: I fell in love with art when I was a child and want to be musician or painter. In the end I found out, that design is a much easier way to express myself. I chose fashion design, it is the closest medium for us physically or mentally.

SV: How would you describe your design philosophy?
Manchit Au: Minimalism, consistence, the mixture of soft and hard, tastefulness and quality.

SV: Now you are travelling over Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing all the time, how are the differences on these three cities about fashion?
Manchit Au: These three cities have quite different points of view on fashion. Guangzhou is more young and trend aware, fast fashion is more important here. Shanghai is much more open on different styles, so the fashion scene is more fun. And Beijing has the most cultural awareness, except the retro and traditional Chinese influence, you can see lots of decent people here.

SV: Who influence your design the most? Which fashion designer you like most?
Manchit Au: My graphic design teacher in Italy, she lets me understand the importance of being consistent, accurate and pay attention to details. I am always being very serious about applying these rules into my design. I love Jil Sander, I respect the subtle but strong feeling on minimalism.

SV: What is most important, creativity or business mind?
Manchit Au: I think as being a fashion design, we can’t going too far from the ground, to serve our clients. Whatever style you want to create, you need to have a positioning of your target customer. How to define that, is more difficult than designing the product itself. So we can always see those successful designers. They have great creativity and products, but at the same time they are having very good relationship with their clients too.

SV: What are the difficulties you are facing as a fashion designer?
Manchit Au: There are many difficulties we are facing everyday. Because we are very restrict on our quality, so we need to spend a lot of time on manufacturing. The quantity can not be too big and unfortunately the costs are quite high. Not so many manufacturers like to work with us. Hopefully we can have our own production team after a while.

SV: What is your plan on future development?
Manchit Au: Design and create better products, strengthen the team members, having more marketing experience and I would like to open one more shop in 2012.

SV: How would you describe the fashion lover in Shanghai or in China?
Manchit Au: People are passionate on fashion, they are very open to new things and can select the stuff which fits them. Its definitely a fast growing market.

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