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Jellymon Meets Spacelift

December 2, 2011

An excluisve Satellite Voices interview series by the Shanghai creative collective Jellymon interviewing some of the most influential young people in Shanghai

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Josh Atkin

As part of a new feature for Satellite Voices, Jellymon be interviewing some of the most influential young people in Shanghai and finding out what makes their city tick.

This week we meet Yako from Spacelift, the designers and label creating tees, hats and bags from the studio UNITAG DESIGN, because, as they say, "It’s fun to make the design in our mind become a real thing."


Josh (Jellymon): What is the thinking behind the name?
Spacelift: Haha, because we also want to have a delivery company.
Josh (Jellymon): Can you tell us about some of the product ranges we can expect from Spacelift?
Spacelift: We have tees, hats and bags for now, and we will make stationary in the future.
Josh (Jellymon): One of the collections we've seen is the watermelon set of tees, hats and bags. What's the story behind these?
Spacelift: Actually the idea is from our two-sided dot bag, we think it’s interesting to see both inside and outside, first of all the colour of watermelon is very strong and you could use any side you want, we like the idea of contradiction.
Josh (Jellymon): What are the plans for the Spacelift website, and where can we expect to see the products on sale?
Spacelift: We wish to launch the website next year. And the products are not published for sale officially, but we’ll have e-shop on the website soon.
Josh (Jellymon): Can you also tell us a bit about your other company UNITAG and how it/if it ties-in with Spacelift?
Spacelift: UNITAG is the mother of Spacelift. UNITAG is a design studio based in Shanghai, we do graphic, web and product design.

Josh (Jellymon): How do you feel about fashion in Shanghai and where do you see it heading?
Spacelift: Fashion in Shanghai develops very quickly and heading to a better way, more and more local fashion designers have their brand and regular customers, that’s important.
Josh (Jellymon): How would you define your own sense of style?
Spacelift: Simple and comfortable.
Josh (Jellymon): Do you think coming from a design background affects your own fashion choices?
Spacelift: Definitely.
Josh (Jellymon): Do you think there is a good hub of creative talent in Shanghai, and are there any names we should be looking out for?
Spacelift: We are big fans of fashion designer He Yan!
Josh (Jellymon): What do you like about living in Shanghai and how do you feel about its rapid development?
Spacelift: Living in Shanghai is great most of the time but as to the rapid development, we don’t think it’s a good idea. We believe it’s not wise to get rid of the fabulous traditional culture while developing.

Josh (Jellymon): Where are your favourite places to hang out in the city?
Spacelift: We usually stay in our studio area, like Si Nan Road, Nan Chang Road and Fu Xin Road, it’s a very beautiful block.

Josh (Jellymon): Where is the best place to make friends with cats in Shanghai?
Spacelift: Our friend, a fashion designer, He Yan’s studio, there’re more than 15 cats living in the garden. And there’re many stray cats in the park and residential sub-district in Shanghai.

Josh (Jellymon): Is there one secret you have about Shanghai you'd care to share with us?
Spacelift: Maybe not, we don’t have any secret about Shanghai since everyone is using Weibo, no secrets anymore.

Josh (Jellymon): If you could sum up Shanghai in one word in Chinese what would it be and why?
Spacelift: The word we would say is Hai Shang, which means on the sea, there’re both amazing landscape and terrible environment here, you have to face what will happen to you , no choice.

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