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September 30, 2011

Voted one of the 100 fashion leaders of China, the fashion designer and artist opens his celebrated J Gallery

  • Text by Karchun Leung

Jiji is a person with so many different identities. He has been named one of the “100 Fashion Leaders” in China by The Bund magazine in Shanghai, and also one of the "50 Heros of the City” by Time Out magazine. He re-located his fashion brand to Paris, yet also managed to open an art gallery and have his own artist and design career, with celebrated exhibitions internationally.

Satellite Voices: Who are you?
Jiji: I’m a chameleon.

SV: When and why you start your own fashion brand?
Jiji: I like clothing. As a child, we didn’t have much choice for clothing, but the fashion trends are changing throughout the years. It all inspires my fashion sensitivity. When I was a Freshman, I came up with the idea for making my own fashion brand and thought how great it would be!

SV: Do you feel your biggest markets are Europe or China?
Jiji: I don’t define whether the market is big or not, what I always look for is how to express myself. We try our best to be more international.

SV: What is more important with regards to being a fashion designer? Creativity or a business mind?
Jiji: 99% effort + 1% mind = success. I think the 1% mind is the key, whatever creativity or business you may need.

SV: What is it like in China for a fashion label, what do you need?
Jiji: Human resources. China is short of people who are smart with pure work. People think too much of themselves rather than working with a personal vision and a determination of a craftsman-like style.

SV: What is your plan on future development?
Jiji: Every three years is a cycle for me. According to a strict plan, we do it step-by-step.

SV: Why did you start the J Gallery?
Jiji: Through the J Gallery, I want to be more patient and more tolerant which what I am not good enough yet at. It's a challenge.

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