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Guest Editors: Jellymon

January 20, 2012

Satellite Voices's favourite Shanghai creative collective and agency guide us through a month immersed in the city's culture

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Josh Atkin

Welcome to the Jellymon Shanghai column. Every month we'll be providing you with an inside scoop into one of the most exciting cities in the world. Whether it's unusual and tasty food, the latest cultural influences about town, people's wild and wacky fashion styles or some of our own weird and wonderful pleasures, we hope our column will accumulate the smells and sensations that this city emanates and convert them into bite size paragraphs for your reading pleasure!

The New Year started with a loud bang. What followed was a shower of colour raining down on the night sky, reflecting on the river’s surface and forcing shadows and silhouettes to form. As people gazed on in amazement, they too created their own sounds; popping corks preceding the wild, fizzing showers of sparkling beverages that soaked their celebratory minds. 

Nightclubs bustled, their cash registers chiming regularly, as inflated costs for this one night of enhanced merriment provided ample reasoning for greater expense. A chorus of voices rang out in unison from different pockets of the city while DJs’ lowered their music to encourage a countdown. The New Year had arrived.

Then there were the lanes. Those unsuspecting sidewalks dimly lit with residences. Wafts of smoke swirled into the air outside, a sharp contrast to those that trailed the fireworks by the river, for these might have been born from a broth or more likely a cigarette enjoyed by a solitary smoker on this night of irrelevance. The silence was deafening. The New Year had arrived.

Darkness prevailed before the emerging dawn and with this newfound light, the city’s traits rekindled. From the first cough of phlegm, to the irrational honk of a car horn, the whirring of the air conditioners, the sighs of heavy heads and the amalgamation of ambient sounds, Shanghai awoke to 2012. The New Year had begun.

Next came the return to work. The typing of keyboards, the buzzing of phone calls, the meet and greets, the swapping of business cards. Early mornings, late nights, routine lunches and freshly brewed coffee. Everything resumed; structure reformed itself, stitched together slightly differently to its form of yesteryear. The New Year had begun.

Yet here we are, midway through this new month, and after only a three-week period of adjusting to what is a new year, Shanghai has assumed a strange ambience. Just as a city seems bare when its trees shed their autumnal leaves, emptiness has assumed itself on this town as millions of people go home for another celebration. For this week we wave goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit and welcome the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese New Year is upon us.

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Jellymon have designed some exclusive, customizable dragons for you to play with on Sina Weibo or Facebook. To find out how, visit our blog here 

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