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Guest Editors: Jellymon

July 27, 2011

We welcome the inspired Shanghai creative collective and agency Jellymon to guide us through a month immersed in the city's creative scene

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Guest Feature by Jellymon's Josh Atkin

Welcome to the Jellymon Shanghai column. Every month we'll be providing you with an inside scoop into one of the most exciting cities in the world. Whether it's unusual and tasty food, the latest cultural influences about town, people's wild and wacky fashion styles or some of our own weird and wonderful pleasures, we hope our column will accumulate the smells and sensations that this city emanates and convert them into bite size paragraphs for your reading pleasure!

It’s summertime in Shanghai, and unlike other cities, where the arrival of sunshine is usually greeted with squeals of delight; people in Shanghai sure like to moan about the heat. Heck, we’re only in July and already there are cries about the temperature being out of control. People seem to forget too quickly that at least there is air conditioning here, and a winter without central heating is far more painful.

Anyhow, with the summer we do at least have the opportunity to admire some pretty wild styles. The ladies seem to love everything from stockings to hot pants or a combination of both which is a strange, yet appealing look at least from a male perspective. As a guy, I’ve also come to admire some of the extraordinary fashion statements made by men. For the more daring, there is the simple choice of just wearing pants and nothing else, but my personal favorite is what I dub the half fold. This is a simple form of belly exposure whereby men roll their tees halfway up their chests thus displaying their gut. I’m taking every effort to increase beer consumption and fatty food intake so that I too can show off my dome belly.

Workwise we’ve been freshening things up considerably at Jellymon. Throughout the last month we’ve had construction workers laying down new floorboards, installing a glass cube meeting room and creating a split-level photo studio in what is our newly redesigned office. The change has been positive with communication and creativity benefitting from a more open and social environment. One of our designers, P, has been working on An Image A Day project. Here, we update our blog with P’s illustrations on a daily basis (when possible!). We’ve also launched a new monthly newsletter that you can sign up to here which will keep you abreast of all the latest Jellymon info.

Straying ever-so-slightly away from Shanghai, we should mention that Lin Lin (one of our co-founders) who is based in Beijing, is featured in the Beijing Wallpaper Guide which y’all should most definitely check out if you are visiting the city.

Which leaves us with the last port of call: our latest food and beverage findings in Shanghai. Thanks to a tip off from the good people at Smart Shanghai, we went to try out a rather excellent noodle joint called Ding Te Le. This no frills restaurant tucked away in a backstreet is a great way to slurp away a lunch break or indulge in late at night (it’s open 24 hours). Sammy (our other co-founder/creative director) tried Bai zhi cong you rou si ban mian which are dried noodles with caramalised onions, while I went for the spicy pork noodles and managed to spill most of the broth over my now not-so-white tee!

Elsewhere, a rather cosy Italian wine bar called Salute, complete with terrace seating and tasty treats, is proving to be a popular summer haunt. My personal favourite find this month has been the tiny, yet charming Rumors Coffee which is a roasterie and drip-coffee shop located near Shanghai Library.

So there’s your dose of Shanghai in July. I hear August is ridiculous when it comes to staying hydrated, so expect lots of moaning and perhaps some further half fold revelations when we report on our findings next month!

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