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Shanghai / Art + Design

Yang Mian Connecting The Dots

The subversive artist unveils an exhibition that makes digital picture composing tangible

January 18, 2012


Shanghai / Art + Design

Robert Cahen’s Voyager / Rencontrer

The groundbreaking 70s French artist and videomaker opens his first video show in China

January 12, 2012


Shanghai / Art + Design

Zhang Qing's CCTV

The Chinese artist's subversive exploration into truth and illusion at Shanghart H-Space

January 9, 2012


Shanghai / Art + Design

He Diqiu

The surrealistic sculptor and his squashed political figurines

January 3, 2012


Shanghai / Art + Design

Ding Yi's Specific Abstracted

China's leading abstract painter unveils a huge retrospective exhibition

December 16, 2011


Shanghai / Art + Design

Zhang Enli

Exploring everyday beauty with the classical Chinese artist

December 15, 2011


Shanghai / Art + Design

Emi Uchida

Winter is coming, can Spring be far behind? The Japanese artist opens a surreal new show in Shanghai

December 12, 2011

liuyanportraitFeatured Voice

Shanghai / Art + Design

Jellymon Meets Liu Yan of Xindanwei

An excluisve Satellite Voices interview series by the Shanghai studio and collective Jellymon interviewing some of the most influential creatives in Shanghai

December 12, 2011


Shanghai / Art + Design

New Star Art Festival

Art-Trend and The Bund's young artist exhibition at Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

December 2, 2011


Shanghai / Art + Design

IdleBeats at The Foundry Gallery

Shanghai's premiere screenprint studio and art collective is launching its first art show

December 1, 2011


Shanghai / Art + Design

Aaajiao's Placebo

The artist also known as Xu Wenkai explores data and visual inertia with a new show at the Other Gallery

November 30, 2011


Shanghai / Art + Design

Go Back to Future

Wang Xin and Ye Linghan's joint exhibition explores the disappearing future

November 22, 2011

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