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Cui Jie, Li Shurui, Zhang Jungang & Li Jie

January 20, 2012

An abstract exhibition of light and urban landscapes is asking the right questions

  • Text by Karchun Leung

“Cui Jie, Li Shurui, Zhang Jungang & Li Jie” features recent works from the namesake, respective artists. The current group exhibition gives a perceptive of the relationship between their lives and the contemporary landscape.

Cui Jie is known for her early works that question the truth in reality, magnifying architectural details. Inspired by the multiple exposures in Orson Welles’ films, Cui painted a world composed of fragments from urban landscape and in a few cases, layers of grids, lines and other graphic patterns.

Li Shurui's passion is light. She reduces landscapes to the abstract and filters the abstract to pure light. Since her first abstract pieces that documented the mesmerizing illuminations in urban nightlife her style has enhanced to portraits of the essence of light. "Phenomenal and fleeting, the polar light is the most spectacular of all kinds," explains Li.

Active online for 10-years-or-so, Zhang Jungang & Li Jie represent the new voice from the non-artists in China. Over the past decade, the internet has served as resource of information and platform of exhibition and communication for a young generation of Chinese whose works are informed by the practice of Western contemporaries. Spontaneous and earnest, Zhang & Li’s works blurs the boundaries between the documentary and the staged, resulting in a volume of photographic essays and stories that celebrate the youth and love.

Cui Jie, Li Shurui, Zhang Jungang & Li Jien at the Leo Xu Projects @

Lane 49, Building 3, Fuxing Xi Road, Shanghai

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