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January 19, 2012

A new concept of creation shakes up the local art scene

  • Text by Karchun Leung

MadeIn was founded in 2009 by Chinese artist Xu Zhen. The company's concept started to challenge fixed standards in the local contemporary art scene. MadeIn pushes the boundaries of a consuming system as well as authorship related issues.

Satellite Voices: What kind of company is Made In?
MadeIn: We purchase and recombine wisdom of others then we produce the secondary refined art works. Or we give the order form to artists and they will give us art works. So Madein is an art brand, an art collective.

Satellite Voices: How do you see the discussion about factory produced art in China?
MadeIn: It's a big challenge for the normal standard of art in China and we need to refresh the mode of contemporary artistic creation, arts collection systems and consumer issues such as the right of the authors. The well know question of art, created by a company or factory is in fact art or not, does not matter to us. The art scene in Shanghai has to think more practical and base orientated. It is about rethinking personal creation and its integration into the art world.

SV: As an art company, it seems to break the present situation, that artists taking part in the art projects by their personal capacity.
MadeIn: This model is definitely a breakthrough in the arts in China. It is to eliminate the creative clues of a single artist. We try to find a way to create arts as a company while constantly emerging and expanding our horizon as a group of creative minds. In the future focusing more one common research topic.

SV: The philosophy of MadeIn is to bring together arts and business on a logical and daily base?
MadeIn: The concept of the brand is bigger than we thought. It should be a concept with culture. A concept that is business oriented but also fit for the arts. In the past, the individual artist was also the brand, and now the name of brands have lots of forms. So our company as such is also an individual and we face the same question.

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