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He Diqiu

January 3, 2012

The surrealistic sculptor and his squashed political figurines

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Lee

He Diqiu is a Hubai-born, Beijing educated (at the China Central Academy of Fine Art) and now Shanghai-based artist, whose surreal outdoor sculptures and political mini-figures, warped out of proportion, make him one to watch.

Satellite Voices: Did you ever think about staying in Beijing? Or do you like Shanghai very much?
He Diqiu: After few years in Shanghai, as I used to live here, somehow I naturally felt like I needed to get back to Shanghai when I left school.

SV: Can you introduce your work such as your infamous "Somnambulism A", the figure in a suit with a gun?
He Diqiu: It was a book in the beginning. About a decent, gentle figure, just like most of powerful people, they always seems very reasonable but it doesn't mean they are harmless. It's like the U.S. war in Afghanistan...

SV: Are most of your works related to politics?
He Diqiu:
 Yes. We all live in an environment surrounding by politics, when you read an issue in the paper, it might not directly relate to politics but it actually is, if you think deeply.

SV: How do you explain the proportions of some of your sculptures?
He Diqiu: Did you ever watch the animation ''Cat and Mouse in Partnership''? The scale or proportions are always extreme. I do find that interesting and bring idea into my work.

SV: As an full time artist, do your family support what you're doing?
He Diqiu: They do not really agree or disagree. They never declare and I just keep doing what I'm doing...

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