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Francis Lam

March 23, 2011

Pixel art and interactive apps

  • Text by Karchun Leung

dbdbking (a.k.a Francis Lam) is a new media artist and technologist based in Shanghai now. He received his Masters degree from the MIT Media Lab in 2006, research focused on the social aspects of digital media and computer-mediated environments. He is also the founder of db-db.com, which is an award-winning web project for exhibiting online identities and connecting like-minded individuals within the pixel world. Recently, he's been keen on making iPhone apps that make people smile under the name db-db-db.

Satellite Voices: Please introduce yourself.
Francis Lim: I'm a creative technologist based in Shanghai, China.

SV: What interested you about interactive programming?
Francis Lim: It enables me to make almost everything.

SV: What are you working on right now?
Francis Lim: I'm building a new social networking platform based on mutual trust and love. It's called db-db.com

SV: Do you think you are a geek?
Francis Lim: Yes.

SV: In the future, do you think people won't interact with each other anymore, but just interact with their mobile phones?
Francis Lim: I don't think that would ever happen. Just like the invention of email wouldn't lead snail mail to extinction. We love to communicate with others, no matter it's face-to-face or SMS. Technology just enables us to communicate in more forms.

SV: How you come up with the idea about Numen? There were rumours of Apple trying to reject you on that, what’s the story?
Francis Lim: Numen is actually Nudemen, it's an ongoing series which protests against the overwhelming female nudity over the Internet. The versions on iPhone are rejected by Apple because of their 4-pixel genitals, I can only launch censored versions called Numen.

SV: What’s next on Numen?
Francis Lim: May a Numen chat iPhone app.

SV: Any future projects can share with us?
Francis Lim: I'm currently building a mobile app that will work with a custom-made chair.

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