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Alejandro Olivares

June 29, 2011

The award-winning photographer show us his engaging new work from the ghettos of Santiago

  • Text by Camilo Salas

Alejandro Olivares is 29-years-old and has worked seven of those as a photographer for the satiric news magazine, The Clinic. His journalism work has brought a lot of national press awards and here he show us three sets of his latest work, one about the Chilean ghettos, another about the Patagonia, and the final one about the fear in society.

Satellite Voices: How did you start in photography?
Alejandro Olivares:
Since I was a little kid I've been a fan of photography. My grandfather was a photographer and had a reflex camera, so I learned from him. I interned at The Clinic magazine and there I meet Juan Diego Santa Cruz, who I worked with as an assistant and then became the photo editor of the magazine. I have also published my work in magazines like Qué Pasa, Joia, Internazzionale, Focus, Pouend, The Sun and others.

Satellite Voices: How the city of Santiago influence your work?
Alejandro Olivares:
Santiago, like any other city, is full of stories. Im very used to Santiago, so much that I forgot how to love it again. Is a very fascinanting and bitchy city.

Satellite Voices: What pictures are you showing us?
Alejandro Olivares:
The first series is called Living Periferia (stand for “living ghetto”). This is about the economic development and the early relationship of young people with violence in the dangerous hoods of ghettos in Santiago. The second series is about the Chilean Patagonia, and it works as a excuse for photography. The third one is called The Everyday Terror, and covers the daily coverage of fear.

Satellite Voices: How challenged is to work with everyday news?
Alejandro Olivares:
The challenge is to make the images of the every day story interesting, beacause telling a whole story in one photo is hard. The daily news can change you into a factory, so you have to make the news stand upside down, and try to look from the other corner and don't let your work became a big lethargy.

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