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Sabino Aguad & Andrew Harlow's Silueta Magazine

May 24, 2011

The inspired up-and-coming Santiago photographer releases his ode to independent creativity from across the internet

  • Text by Terence Teh

When we were launching Satellite Voices we featured an inspired young photographer from Santiago called Sabino Aguad. There was a drive and amazing eye that belied his young age and we knew he was one to watch out for. So when Sabino got in touch about his Silueta Magazine, a free-to-download webzine that celebrates independent creativity from across the internet we knew we wanted to check it out. And when he added that there will be limited edition print copies available too, well, that was it... Introducing Silueta Magazine.

Satellite Voices: Please introduce the project and magazine?
Sabino Aguad: After being featuring photographers and artists in blogs for almost three years, I decided to start up a team to develop a publication. The only intention in mind while developing the project was to share and spread the word about the artists we love. We end up doing a free-collectable magazine, along with a printed version for the enthusiastic.

SV: Can you introduce the other editor and designer on the project.
Sabino Aguad: The other editor is Andrew Harlow, from Louisiana. He runs a blog about visual art and other things he like. We haven't formally met yet, but I've followed his tumblr for a while. He has the most amazing way of looking at things and finding beauty. The desinger is Eleonora Aldea Pardo, from Valparaíso, Chile. She's also a photographer. As Andrew, I haven't met her yet, but I knew her work from the internet. She has been the most efficient designer I've ever worked with. And thanks to her all of this is possible.

SV: Can you highlight five pieces and explain a little more about the artists?
Sabino Aguad: Well, let's start with Carles Rodrigo. He's an industrial designer and photographer from Valencia, España. We commissioned him the cover and selected four photos from his archive, along with a little interview. He has been taking photos for over four years now. Somehow they all tell a little story. You can feel the passion in every one of them.

Other pieces I like a lot are from Andrea Barja, the only artist we featured from South America. She's an illustrator from Santiago, Chile. She draws very girlish-styled imaginary portraits. The first time I saw her drawings I was blown away.

I've also noticed that the collages by Jeffrey Meyer has caught everyone's attention. He lives in a small town so the only way of sharing his art has been the internet. Most of his work is made with paper and glue since he was a little kid.

But of course, I love everyone of the 20 artists featured on the magazine. They all surprise somehow with their pieces.

L - R

Carles Rodrigo
Andrea Barja
Jeffrey Meyer
Carles Rodrigo (cover)

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