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Rosario Ateaga

February 1, 2012

Epic landscapes from Chile to Colombia, Mexico to Catalonia

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Rosario Ateaga is a Santiago photographer whose well travelled residencies have seen her set up at the Tierra de Quindio in Colombia and also in Valparaiso with the Venezuelan photographer Nelson Garrido. Her work evokes a sense of desolation and attrition, where the scenes Rosario captures leave their original meaning to be reinterpreted. Check out her national SCL2110 project as well as her Barcelona Arte Contemporaneo.

Satellite Voices: How did you start in photography?
Rosario Ateaga:
The interest comes from a very young age. I studied in an artistic school and I also joined the theatre troupe. After I studied art at the Universidad Mayor in Santiago. In art school I learned engraving and photography. Then I traveled to Mexico to do an internship at Universidad de Guanajuato, where I studied lithography, videos and photography.

SV: What inspires your photography?
Rosario Ateaga:
I am inspired by gravitating issues such as abandonment, attrition and disappearance. I have worked in various media, always experimenting and abusing of the error, taking bad pictures and living them a new interpretation. Many trips too...

SV: What artists do you admire?
Rosario Ateaga:
The Düsseldorf school. Wim Wenders too, all of his films, and after seeing his retrospective at the MASP (Museum of Arts, Sao Paulo) of large photography I thought I could die in peace. The United States in the 1920s with Alfred Stieglitz, the f/64 group (Weston, Adams, Evans) and of course the Canadian artist Jeff Wall with his giant light boxes and appointments and knowledge of art history.

SV: What has been your most important exhibition in your career?
Rosario Ateaga:
My first individual exhibition at the Posada del Corregidor gallery in Santiago was quite an experience, although I made so many errors of assembly that it is impossible to forget. A two-person exhibition with Lucha Murillo at Matucana 100 in Santiago. And of course SCL2110 in the performance at the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Arts) of Santiago with my friend Antonia Cruz, that would later take us to Barcelona Arte Contemporaneo.

SV: What's next?
Rosario Ateaga:
My plans are to do art residencies around the world! Working in locations and with diverse communities, teach and communicate my knowledge. Experiment with materials and media, and learn continuously to generate links and work collectively.

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