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Claudio Robles from STHV

January 18, 2012

The nightlife photographer's new spotlight on Santiago's party people

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

STHV is a Chilean website, directed by the photographer Claudio Robles, who is, well, going to events and parties taking pictures of beautiful and striking people. "This is a way to get to know what is happening in the city, how trends develop and how people acquire them in a specific way," says Claudio. More than a photographic website, STHV is a way to dive into the modern Santiago.

Satellite Voices: What started the party people pictures?
Claudio Robles: STHV was created as a way to steady the sensory experience that lives in the best parties of Santiago, always focusing on the lifestyle of those who participate in the events. The team that integrates the site takes care of capturing decisive moments and also all of those who stand out at parties.

SV: In three words, how would you define these party people?
Claudio Robles: Wild, vain and independent.

SV: What is the most significant change you’ve noticed in the last three years in terms of people and the environment in Santiago?
Claudio Robles: In three years, people have understood the concept of our site. They understand that our goal is not the typical social magazine picture that only shows who was at an event. Context matters to us, describing not only who was there, but also what they did and how they enjoyed it.

SV: What fashion trends do you think are dominant in Santiago?
Claudio Robles: Vintage clothes and platform shoes.

SV: What do you think separates Santiago from other cosmopolitan cities?
Claudio Robles: In the environment of STHV parties there is a constant search for identity. However, considering that Chile is a young country compared to others, there is a uniform mass in terms of style that is overwhelming. In general, everyone dresses and behaves very similar to each other and just a few dare to look different.

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