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Roberta Rebori

November 25, 2011

Santiago's up-and-coming fashion photography talent talks about the local scene

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Fer Munizaga

Roberta Rebori is a 26-year-old photographer who studied in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. She is part of a new generation of Chilean photographers with a fresh new vision of fashion. She has worked as a fashion photographer for much loved local Chile labels such as Umbrale, Foster, La Joya and Candie’s. She's also started exhibiting her work and is a definite one-to-watch, a local artist about to breakout on a global scale.

Satellite Voices: How did you start with photography?
Roberta Rebori: Ever since I was young I liked taking pictures and it helped that I always had a camara with me. I took my first photography classes when I was 13-years-old. And also, my grandfather was a photographer.

SV: What is it that you like to photograph the most?
Roberta Rebori: I mainly photograph everything that catches my attention but eventually I’ve had to filter some topics. I think my favourites are traveling pictures, capturing unique moments, scenes or interesting characters. On the other hand I like to create concepts and move them into editorial fashion photography. I think that is what I like the most.

SV: You recently took a trip to Europe and NYC. How do you think this influenced you?
Roberta Rebori: Traveling is what inspires most of my work. On this particular trip, the fact that I traveled alone helped me a lot to move within my own rhythm and get motivated to take pictures. To see and analyse contrasts in different cities is fresh to me. I always come back with new ideas.

SV: What are your future plans and goals?
Roberta Rebori: For now, my plans are to develop the pictures I took on my last trip and also keep working hard to continue to travel. I’m used to living the day... maybe a future goal would be to someday make a living from my artistic photography, not relying on any brand or company.

SV: What do you think of the current scene of young photographers in Chile?
Roberta Rebori: I think the current scene of photographers in chile is improving. Like many things in our country. I think it has been and still is a rather slow process but there has been a clear evolution. There is a lot of good photographers but I feel they still need to play more in their proposals. They have to lose their fear of doing what is supposedly right and speak freely. My favourite Chilean photographer is Alvaro Puentes, by far.

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