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Eleonora Aldea Pardo

October 26, 2011

The graphic designer turned photographer speaks about her inspirations

  • Text by Nico Castro

At 27, Eleonora Aldea Pardo has been taking pictures professionally for the past two years. She is currently finishing her graphic design career, so whenever possible, she escapes from her little coast town Olmué to Santiago for the parties and shows around the city. You can immediately tell that this is the thing she loves the most.

Satellite Voices: When and why did you decide to take photography seriously?
Eleonora Pardo:
In the summer of 2009, I was offered to take pictures at a series of gigs organised by a well-known brand of beer. That was the moment when, instead of being something I did for fun and love, it became something I did for fun, love and also money.

SV: What are your favourite themes when you take pictures?
Eleonora Pardo: 
People. I love taking pictures of people, whatever situation they're in. People getting married, people singing in front of other people, people partying, people I love, people on the streets. I try to portrait relationships, intimacy, beauty or people's daily routine. That's what I like the most.

SV: How are you inspired by your city?
Eleonora Pardo: 
I love geometry and the mix of colours that comes out naturally, on the streets, by chance. That's what inspires me most about the city. Sometimes you find scenes that seem made up by someone, or prepared, but they aren't.

SV: Where do you live and what do you like the most about it?
Eleonora Pardo:
 I live in Olmué, deep down the Fifth Region. Houses are very beautifully painted. And people too - they are all nice and always smiling. But as I mostly work in Santiago, I think that what I like the most is the contrast. Being between the quiet, colourful and kindness of Olmué and the fast, grey and hostile Santiago.

SV: What would be your favourite scenario to capture?
Eleonora Pardo: 
Parties or concerts. I love when it has to do with music. People dancing and having a good time. Singing, jumping. I like that adrenaline that comes when you have just three songs to run and fight with other photographers, and you can't stop clicking. From parties I love moving through the crowd and taking pictures at people when they're not posing. Stuff like that.

SV: What are your future plans and goals?
Eleonora Pardo: 
My main plan and goal is to make a living out of this. That's my starting point. Now, if we're talking about dreams, I would love to be able to travel to concerts and festivals somewhere else to take pictures there. That would be like my golden global dream. And I would die happily if I achieve that.

SV: Finally, what other young Chileans would you like to recommend?
Eleonora Pardo: 
Conjunto Universo, an illustrator; Cristóbal Bley, a journalist; Estefanía Trisotti, a graphic designer; and Elisa Alcalde, who makes videos and photos.

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