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Community: Sabino Aguad

March 21, 2011

A local spotlight on the rising 23-year-old photography star

  • Text by Terence Teh

"My work is very personal but anonymous at the same time. I try to never show a full face. It’s about sharing details, moments, and things I love," explains Sabino Aguad.

Satellite Voices: What makes you smile?
Sabino Aguad: My 1-year-old sister, a good movie and my Tumblr’s Dashboard always make me smile.

SV: What was the first thing you ever made?
Sabino Aguad: I was in second grade and my school organised an Easter Egg contest. You had to bring a customised egg and the most eccentric one would win. I don’t remember how the egg looked like, but I won and they gave me a lot of chocolate.

SV: What’s your dream project?
Sabino Aguad: Run a couple of small magazines, own a digital camera to shoot some video, and have enough money to develop my film from time-to-time.

SV: What do you wish you had written / created?
Sabino Aguad: I wish I’d have done more videos by now. I love them but I never have the people and equipment to do it.

SV: Who’s work / art / music would you recommend on checking out?
Sabino Aguad: It’s difficult to choose just one. I’m tempted to say Ryan McGinley, his photos show that anything can be prettier on a photo than in real life. Other photographers I like very much lately are Carles Rodrigo, Tamara Lichteinstein, H&L Metz, Aaron Feaver, Lina Scheynius, and many more. Other artists could be Mia Christopher, Andrea Barja, Hollis Brown and Dominic Wilcox.

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