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Rod The Photographer

March 23, 2011

No need for last names with Santiago's notorious young snapper

  • Text by Camilo Salas

Rod is a young photographer from Santiago and he has become one of the most notorious fresh faces behind the lens. Satellite Voices meets the up-and-comer and grills him about his inspirations.

Satellite Voices: How did you start in photography?
Rod: I became obsessed with illustration, which naturally evolved into photography. Illustration became empty for me, not in the sense that I learnt everything I had to, but that I needed a new means of expression to materialise what I felt. I began to take pictures when I was about 15-years-old, and I haven’t stopped since.

SV: What do you love working with fashion?
Rod: For me fashion is one of many tools that can be used to create. Creating beauty is the ultimate gift, the platform is irrelevant.

SV: What is the best thing you want to explore with your work?
Rod: According to me, it's content. It requires a second look to understand its content, to appreciate its contrast. My work I fill with passion, which contrasts immensely with its subtlety.

SV: When is your first exhibition?
Rod: I am working on my first solo show. Before, I had done two collective shows, one of which took place in the Nacional Council of the Arts of Chile.

SV: What are your motivations and your themes?
Rod: My main themes are... well I have none. I do what arouses me, what stimulates me intellectually. For instance, I love androgynous people, or more so beauty beyond gender. This idea of beauty that transcends is very appealing for me, so it finds its way into my art, sometimes in the form of androgyny. What motivates me on the other hand, is the universality of art as a medium of communication. What I personally lack as a great communicator myself I can more freely transmit in photography. What I feel is relevant to transmit from my experiences and emotions.

SV: What are you currently working on?
Rod: I am currently working in a movie from an acclaimed Chilean director that will be released in the future. Also I am working on my up-and-coming show. I am constantly working with the corporate image of a great friend and musician called Javiera Mena, she tours with her solo act through Japan, Mexico and Spain.

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