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Inside/Out: Andrés Herrera

August 5, 2011

Introducing Santiago's acclaimed photographer delivering guest snap shots into the city's creative scenes

  • Text by Nico Castro

Andrés Herrera is a young photographer and illustrator who doesn't go anywhere without his camera, documenting the city's  people, places and situations. He has quickly been recognised as one of Santiago's top street shooters, and you can check some of them over at his website, lamuerte.in.

Andrés will be delivering some exclusive galleries to Satellite Voices, so we figured we should introduce him to the fold.

Satellite Voices: What’s your occupation... a) during the day & b) at night?

Andrés Herrera: My schedule is pretty flexible, so I don't have anything very defined. Now, during the day I try to go to my new workshop - that is a room within a great house very close to where I live - where I edit most of the pictures I take, think about new ones, finish illustrations... And at night, well, that also varies. Basically I keep on dancing, I do that a lot, and I take pictures. Actually I never stop wandering around and taking pictures, everywhere.

SV: Where do you live and what inspires you about that area of town?
Andrés Herrera:
I live in Pedro de Valdivia, in Providencia, an amazing street full of trees by the river. I'm lucky to live in an unbelievable neighbourhood, at least for me. It's filled with people from different parts of Santiago, connected with the rest of the city, walkable and very close to Lo Contador, this colonial house that has become a college campus and one of my favourite places in town. The best thing is that a lot of my friends are moving here, to houses or apartments right next to me. Actually I love everything about this hood - the scale of its streets, the decadent shops that I don't know how they survive, to have the chance to walk everywhere and the chance to run into familiar people right around the corner.

SV: How long have you lived in your city and brought you there?
Andrés Herrera:
I've been in Santiago for 10 years now. I got here in a very parochial way from Rancagua, a city that's about an hour and a half away, to study art in college. And when I graduated, well, I stayed. 

SV: What does your city mean to you?
Andrés Herrera: Santiago is the summary of ideas that I have in my head. I'm working on more projects that I can actually do, and Santiago is the place where I want most of them to happen. Or at least to begin. From my website, lamuerte.in, which is about to turn into something else, to all the ideas I have - photo series, illustrated books, studying, series. Besides, Santiago is my home. It's a place where I like to live and be in.

SV: Can you talk about the best creative youth cultures in your town?
Andrés Herrera:
I believe that there's plenty of talent and creativity in Santiago. We are part of a generation that sees imagination as a value, applicable in every sense. We also are lucky that the platforms to express said creativity have increased across all disciplines, not only those related to art. That's why I think Elisa Zulueta, actress and theatre director, is a great example of that symbiosis between talent, hard work and a very professional self-management. For me she's one of the most creatively smart people in town

SV: How would you describe your photo work? What do you look for in it?
Andrés Herrera:
I think it changes depending on the context or the goal I put on each shoot. But I do believe that one thing in common among all of them is their surface vocation, showcasing in some way how people around me exhibit themselves. And well, even though it sounds a little daft, I believe that pictures satisfies my need to create images, fed by everything I've seen, read, glanced, heard, etc. Another obsession of mine is art history and before, when I was a kid, it was archaeology. That's why I think photography is useful to research that eclectic reference collection, like an album I store in my head.

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