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Lollapalooza: Fernando Milagros

April 2, 2012

We get the inside scoop on what our favourite Chilean acts think about the about the major music festival's Santiago outpost

  • Text by Nico Castro

After a very succesful first edition last year, this weekend Chile celebrated their second local version of Lollapalooza. With the trademark mix of international and local talent, the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Björk, MGMT and TV on the Radio saddled up alongside the year's most breakthrough Chilean musicians, at Santiago's Parque O'Higgins. 

One of our favourites is Fernando Milagros, the singer-songwriter who released one of the most acclaimed albums of last year entitled "San Sebastián". We spoke to him about what it's really like to have this awesome collision of music culture in your home city as he took to the Huntcha stage on Sunday evening.

Satellite Voices: How does it feel to have a festival like Lollapalooza in Chile?
Fernando Milagros:
At first, I hadn't notice the importance of it. But last year at SXSW in the US, every time that someone asked where we were from and we told them Chile, the first thing they said was that Lollapalooza was going to be there that year. It's a huge festival.

SV: Do you think that it will be able to keep on going for many years to come?
Fernando Milagros:
I wish. People are already getting the big festival culture and it's already proving that it works, so I don't see why it wouldn't go on for years.

SV: How important is for you to perform at an important international festival in front of your people?
Fernando Milagros:
I think it's very important to start validating local bands from this platform. I truly believe that there is a new generation of music in Chile that has nothing to do with foreign bands. I feel proud to be a part of it.

SV: Can you tell something about the show you're preparing in advance?
Fernando Milagros:
Sure. The main idea is to perform my "San Sebastián" record with full band and singer Manuela Baldovino as a guest. We're also showing a couple of new and more upbeat songs, to raise the mood of the show!

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