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Picnic Kibun

February 9, 2012

The musical Dr. Frankenstein duo are back to make some noise

  • Text by Nico Castro

Picnic Kibun first appeared five-years-ago. Back in the day, they were a four piece band that basically mixed rap and electro, with a Japanese-American singer. By the time they put out their debut album "Fiebre Tagadá", they had already moved to the next level. The band gained maturity and their live shows got tighter and better. But somehow they performed less and less and one day they seamed to have disappeared. That is until a couple of months ago. They now seem to be planning a full return for this year, with a sound stronger than ever. 

What took them so long? We spoke to both of them to find out. And they gave us the exclusive teaser of their new single, coming next month.

Satellite Voices: It seems a while ago when we heard from you last?
Picnic Kibun: A lot has changed. It's been a while! We still make sexy and fun loving music, but in this album we've chosen to work with as many friends as we possibly could. There are fantastic things happening in the Chilean music scene, and our new material highlights many artists that have been making noise in Latin America. We have been working closely with our producer Vicente Sanfuentes (Surtek Collective, Original Hamster), MatanzaMoustache! (aka 50% of Astro), Barretso, New Kids on the Noise and Paz Court. As a result, the new material is artistically diverse and more professional technically speaking. And yes, this does feel like we are starting from zero, and we like that. 

There are three simple reasons we have taken our time to release new material: 1) Collaborating with other people does not always allow you to advance at your own pace. Creatively working with others requires a lot of patience and time. 2) We´ve taken our time learning a lot about production, composition and live performances. We have spent a lot of time formulating and defining our characteristic sound and style. 3) We are crazy perfectionists!

SV: Trends switch much more rapidly within dance music. What changes will we be able to hear in this new Picnic Kibun?
Picnic Kibun: Like our first album, we´ve experimented with many different genres. People tend to associate us to EDM and rave rap, but we have a bit of everything in our new songs. Dubstep, disco rap, dream pop are some of the strongest influences. It's part of our sound to mix up everything. We love playing the musical Dr. Frankenstein.

SV: Do you believe that your sound has a bigger chance of getting success internationally? Is that a conscious move?
Picnic Kibun: Tatsu's lyrics in three languages has always made us a novelty, especially here in Chile. We write this way because it is artistically challenging and it represents who we are as artists. Consequently our game with languages has allowed us to reach many listeners outside Latin America. We have always just been interested in making innovative music that would make people feel something. But let's be honest, there isn't much of a market for a project like ours in Chile or in Latin America in general. In order to reach out, we have been speaking to labels in Australia and elsewhere. We are excited to see where our music we will end up in the next few years.

SV: What goals have set yourselves for this 2012?
Picnic Kibun: We will not be following the traditional model of releases this year: we will release two EPs of five to six tracks each instead of a full LP. The new tracks are divided into two general genres: disco rap and dream pop. The first EP is centered around our first single "Taganga". The single be out and March and the album in April. The second EP should be ready and out some time in July or August and will represent a radical change in PK's sound. The idea is to show a gradual evolution of our style. Also it is fun wearing different masks and experimenting with new sounds.

SV: What other local talents would you like to recommend?
Picnic Kibun: We recommend all of the artists that have been working with us, obviously!

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