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January 31, 2012

One of Santiago's new bands is about to take 2012 by storm

  • Text by Nico Castro

A new year arises and new musical projects are unveiled. Although saying that the members of VS are newbies is an understatement. Álvaro Guerra, Manuela Baldovino and Rodrigo Rammsy all have plenty of experience in bands that were crucial during the local indie explosion some years ago and have joined forces to create a new local super group.

Satellite Voices: All three of you have successful past musical experiences. How did you guys put this band together?
Álvaro Guerra: Basically our paths crossed. We all were in the mood to make something brand new and of our own. We jumped into it, without knowing exactly where we were heading. It didn't take us too long to become really excited about it. We are a very fluent creative dynamic. 

SV: Is VS a way to channel experiences and sounds learnt in time or is it just having fun?
Álvaro Guerra: Fortunately, all of the above. It is also learning new things on a daily basis, each one is playing a new instrument, for example. That brings a new musical perspective as well as being a good exercise.

SV: What can people expect when facing you for the first time?
Álvaro Guerra: At the moment, we don't even know this ourselves! At least, what we aspire is to make inclusive shows and danceable songs. Concretely, we mix a little bit of house, no-wave, soul and RnB, but every week someone adds new references.

SV: What are the goals and dates that you have set yourselves this year?
Álvaro Guerra: For now, we're planning to perform live as much as we can. We're looking for different ways of playing live, as in different versions of VS. Lately, we've also been remixing other bands and even ourselves. We have some things recorded and we obviously would like to put out an EP during this semester.

SV: Where is the Chilean independent music scene heading and what role do you think VS is going to play within that?
Álvaro Guerra: Clearly we live in a pop driven era. There are lots of bands and many people around that, doing things in a very good way. It's nice to see that. It makes us want to do something that lives up to that. As VS we mainly came here to do our thing and give continuity to our musical concerns. That's definitely what moves us and we hope to make others move with us. To sum it up: we're VS and we want to have fun. That's our common goal in the end.

Photography by Diego Maya

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