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Cielito Lindo

January 26, 2012

An open underground party for everyone pushing the boundaries of the local club scene

  • Text by Nico Castro

Cielito Lindo (spanish for "beautiful little sky") is the name of a standard Mexican song. But during the last year or so, the term has found a new meaning in downtown Santiago. Cielito Lindo started as a party made by and for music fans, in the 12th floor of an old building. A party where you dance to techno, disco and house looking at the city's skyline. Cielito Lindo moved place but is cultivating the idea of excellent music and rave live acts, where enthusiast dancers from town show off their talents. We spoke to Miklos Tercero, one of the founders, to see what the buzz is all about.

Satellite Voices: How did you come up with the idea of Cielito Lindo?
Miklos Tercero: The name came up because we held the parties at the 12th floor in a downtown building at the beginning. I also wanted an unpretentious name in spanish.

SV: How would you rate the evolution of Cielito Lindo now, after finding its captive audience?
Miklos Tercero: Cielito is a party that everybody can afford to go to. Local and sometimes international DJs come and play. And there at times we have live acts, which are generally pretty cathartic. We care about the music, connecting people and having a good time.

SV: How much do you emphasize on the music?
Miklos Tercero: Music is the most important thing for us. It's 80% of a good night. Technically we try to sound as good as possible. The DJs styles vary between techno, house, electro, disco, acid and different elegant tunes that are hard to classify.

SV: What would you say about the nightlife in Santiago?
Miklos Tercero: It's very good. There are always interesting things to see and great parties to go to. The audience is what has to grow and we have to captivate them, because you always see the same faces at the same parties. Not only on Cielito, but on others as well.

SV: How do you see the future of Cielito Lindo and what would be your ideal party?
Miklos Tercero: I think there are good things to come. We just have to keep on growing and breaking barriers. My ideal party would be with great sound in the countryside, or even on a boat. I would love to host a party at a huge place with many bathrooms, a giant swimming pool and Mario Basanov.

The next Cielito Lindo Party is this Saturday January 28 @

Copiapó 667
Casi Esquina Santa Rosa

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