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Miami Horror and Javiera Mena Back from Tour

January 16, 2012

The Australian cosmic rockers and Chile's acclaimed songstress get together for experimental adventures

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

With an epic New Year's Eve jam alongside national talent, the songstress Javiera Mena, Australian synth-psyche pop band Miami Horror (check out their heavy hitters “Sometimes”, “Moon Theory” and “Holidays” that have garnered fans such as Phoenix, Friendly Fires, La Roux and Lily Allen) have fallen for Santiago and the burgeoning local music scene. The now LA-based band of brothers - Ben Plant, Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan and Daniel Whitechurch talk with Satellite Voices about South American inspiration and plans for 2012.

Satellite Voices: This is your third time here in Chile. What do you think has changed over the years?
Miami Horror:
The crowd! It gets crazier every year, and it has been better every time. They are very nice, always making good comments about our music and shows. We feel very glad to have such a faithfull audience in this country.

SV: How was it playing with Javiera Mena?
Miami Horror:
We also played with her in 2010 and it was great then. She is a nice girl, and it was kind of cool to be with someone known through the tour. It was also great to be near to someone that understands the local audience. We wish her all the best!

SV: What do you think about our local music scene?
Miami Horror:
A Chilean friend showed us the band Astro and we really like it! They sound like a great mix of new and old stuff, it is really well produced and that psychedelic sound makes it even more special. We even translated the lyrics and think they are really cool.

SV: What does Chile now mean to you?
Miami Horror:
Good friends! Nice people that always say “of course” and “perfect!”. We now feel very welcome. We love the different landscapes that you can see, the beaches, the cities… It is definitely now a place where we can get inspiration from.

SV: What's next?
Miami Horror:
We are all doing things by separate. Josh is doing a psychedelic rock project called All The Colors, and Ben and Aaron are in Honey Moon, an experimental pop project. We are starting a new Miami Horror album this year which is something that is very exciting for us and we plan to finish it by the end 2012.

Images courtesy of Daniel Hanselmann for LCVML

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