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Moreno y La Mafia Canyengue

January 13, 2012

The solo project of Giancarlo Landini, a mainstay in Santiago's punk and hardcore scene

  • Text by Nico Castro

After being part of the restless punk and hardcore underground scene in Santiago, Giancarlo Landini quit music. But it was just for a while, as he came back stronger than ever. Moreno is the name of the solo act where he channels his personal thoughts through music. And he's quite lively himself, putting out over 17 releases since, including albums, singles and collaborations.

Landini then added La Mafia Canyengue as his backing band and together they'll be releasing a new album, "Moreno and La Mafia Canyengue". The video up there is for "Pandeiro", the first single. So we spoke to Landini about inspirations, music and future plans.

Satellite Voices: You've been a long time in Santiago's underground scene, with different bands and projects. How did you finally get to Moreno?
Giancarlo Landini:
I think it was basically for the need of making music. Before Moreno, I had other bands and projects. After that, and for different reasons, I step aside from music for a while. In 2007 it was inevitable to come back and record stuff. This time it was in a more free and spontaneous way, since I was starting all over again, this time by myself.

SV: How do you consider this project? Is it still your one-man thing or has it evolved into a band?
Giancarlo Landini:
From the beginning, Moreno has always been my way of seeing the world, musically. That why I like to keep it that way, as a solo project. With time, though, we formed La Mafia Canyengue, a band surrounding Moreno, which has changed the soul of it all. Anyway, it happened very spontaneously. I mean, everyone playing here does it for the love of music, and that's the most important thing.

SV: How do you mix all your influences and previous work in Moreno's sound? Is there a way to define it for those who have never heard you?
Giancarlo Landini:
Actually, I don't know it very well myself. In some way I feel that my old work is very connected to the present with Moreno. I wouldn't know how to define that, though. For instance, the record coming out ("Moreno y La Mafia Canyengue") is a lot more rock oriented with a pop song structure. That's what came out with the band - less experimental and more direct. But I'm already working in new stuff, much more bizarre and pretty different from this album.

SV: From its beginnings, Moreno has had a lot of releases and collaborations. Do you think you can make a living out of music in Chile
Giancarlo Landini:
If you know where you're at and the location of your music, you shouldn't have many existential problems about it. Since I started Moreno, I knew it would be weird to make a living doing it, so I try to focus more on making new sounds, melodies and reinventing with Moreno than making the hit of the year to pay my bills. If the day when I stop surprising myself musically ever arrives, I think it would be useless to keep going.

SV: What are your plans for 2012 with this new album coming out?
Giancarlo Landini:
The idea is to put it out in March and play it live as much as we can. We just released "Pandeiro", the first single with its video, and then we're planning to have another one, called "Gente Semáforo". What comes after that is to keep writing music and probably go in the studio again, to record a new album with La Mafia Canyengue.

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