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October 24, 2011

New wave hazy psychedelia from the Santiago newcomers already causing a stir

  • Text by Nico Castro

Despite being around for only a few months, four-piece Nuevacosta (as in "New Coast") have already garnered a ton of praise for a handful of gigs and their debut EP "Costa Brava", which you can download for free right here. Their sound is hazy and full of atmospherics, blending pop, new wave and psychedelia into a mesmerising mix. We speak to the band about the local scene and the road travelled for an up-and-coming band in Santiago.

Satellite Voices: As a new band, you've already been able to play some of the city's best live spots, are you happy with who it's gone so far?
Our debut EP has gathered glowing reviews and we're very happy with that. Specially considering that we recorded it on our own, with a little help of course. We've been invited to play a lot and that means that we're doing something right. We hope that at some point we will play some other stages as well. It's kind of frustrating to remain under and play the same five venues all the time! But we're just starting, so it's a platform that we can't avoid.

SV: Can you talk about the unique way of how the EP was released?
We're mainly working with the venue Cellar, which is starting to work as a label too. We've received plenty of support from them, with gigs and spreading the word. Cellar is a space that has made a lot for independent music without expecting money back, so that makes every management more honest and direct. And Casajoven is a website that's just starting and it's going to work as a sort of collective among many bands in Chile and abroad.

SV: Besides having retro inspirations, you claim your writing is about what's wrong today about Santiago. Can you explain more?
We write social songs with history, from the lyrics to the melodies. Maybe it's not in the literal sense of what we previously know, but they speak about love, sadness and joy. I don't think there's anything more social than the individual self.

SV: For those who haven't heard you, how would you define Nuevacosta?
We've been associated with psychedelia and I don't think that's wrong, but we aspire to do something that generates atmospheres. For achieving that, we use sounds that may not be very conventional. In Nuevacosta you won't find an instrument that overshadows another one. If a song doesn't need bass, voice or guitars, we don't use them.

SV: What are your future plans?
For now we're just writing and rehearsing a lot. We want to keep on playing, hopefully somewhere outside Santiago, to spread our work. We plan to put out a proper album, but that idea isn't eating our brains out at the moment. Generally debut records are recorded very fast, but that's not our idea.

SV: Finally, what other local artists would you like to recommend?
Cristián Fiebre and TV Gamma.

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